Tips & Tools

You're on a roll now. Get the inside edge and move ahead of your competitors by leaps and bounds. Check-out these tips, tools, and resources designed to help your business find more ways to be environmentally sustainable.

Industry-Specific Guides

EnviroStars Industry-Specific Worksheets
Manage Waste for Auto Recyclers
Manage Dental Waste
Dry Cleaner Reference Manual
Dry Cleaning Best Practices, Alternative Solvents Research, and Leak Detector Report
Business Incentives for Dry Cleaners in King County (English & Korean)
Landscaping Resources
Laboratory Best Practices (PDF)
Pollution Prevention in Marinas (PDF)
Healthy Practices for Nail Salons
Washington Clean Marina Program
Ecology Guidance
Energy Star Facilities
Schools Best Practices
Pollution Prevention Resource Center Topic Hubs
Veterinary Hazardous Waste poster (PDF)
Veterinary Hazardous Waste Disposal & Recycle Procedures (PDF)

Automotive Repair

Safer Alternatives in the Auto Repair Industry - Webinar | Blog
Auto Repair Shop Resources (PDF)
Tour Virtual Autobody Shop – Learn about rules that apply in each area
CCAR GreenLink
A Guide for Automotive Repair Shops
Auto Dealers - Small Business Guide

Templates & Examples

Hazardous Waste Tracking Spreadsheet (Excel)
Spill Prevention/Clean Up Procedures (PDF, Example Only)
Spill Prevention/Clean Up Plan (PDF)
Universal Waste Recycling Log (Excel OR PDF)

Waste-Specific Resources

Spokane Waste Directory
Directory of Hazardous Waste vendors
Alphabetical Listing of Dangerous Materials
Labels for Waste & Product Containers
Manage Universal Waste – offers a method for managing several types of wastes that contain mercury.
Waste Tires
Managing Food Scraps at Institutions and Agencies
Rechargable Battery Recycling

Training Videos

What's in There? Labeling Dangerous Waste Containers
Is this waste Hazardous? How to Designate Waste
Is my business a Small Quantity Generator (SQG)?
Dangerous Waste Containers: An Open and Shut Case from Washington Department of Ecology's Hazardous Waste and Toxics Reduction Program.
Stormwater Best Management Practices – narrated by Dave Winters, 5-Star certified Swedish Automotive in Seattle
Stormwater Best Management Practices (Spanish) – video outlining stormwater best management practices for your business
How to Use Your Spill Kit – A short video outlining how to use your spill kit to prevent stormwater pollution from your business.
Dangerous Waste Basics - Available with Spanish subtitles

Going Green Assistance for all Businesses

Carbon footprint assessment and actions
Dangerous Waste Designation tool
Electronic Product Environmental Assessment and Take It Back Network for electronics recycling options
Ecology's hazardous waste and toxics reduction resources
Energy rebates, grants, and calculators to reduce energy waste and costs
Green building resources
Greenhouse gas reduction tools for Seattle area businesses
Green Seal certified cleaners and other products
Greening your business tips from Seattle Public Utilities Resource Venture
Lean manufacturing to increase efficiencies by eliminating non-value added steps
Leed Certification
Environmentally Preferably Purchasing
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Product Fact Sheets
EPP Resource Guides
Governor’s Office for Regulatory Innovation and Assistance (ORIA)
Environmental Permitting Assistance
Green Building
2good2toss - Reusable Building Materials and Large Household Items Exchange
Lean and Environment
Technical Resources for Engineering Efficiency (TREE) Team

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