Certification Standards

Once you have determined if your business type is eligible for certification, there are four bottom-line criteria for EnviroStars certification. You must:

  1. Dispose of all hazardous wastes properly
  2. Store hazardous materials and wastes safely
  3. Have documentation for all hazardous wastes managed off-site and Material Safety Data Sheets for hazardous materials kept on-site
  4. Have spill materials and a spill response plan posted

To earn a 2-Star rating, the business must meet the above four criteria,
and establish a related goal to work on for the following year. The more proactive a business is in reducing hazardous waste and materials, preventing pollution, and incorporating environmentally sustainable ("greener") activities, the higher the star rating they can earn.
5-Stars demonstrate environmental leadership beyond their own facilities.

Certification standards can be met with:
Submittal of an application worksheet with all required items in place at the business, an on-site consultation and successful completion of a verification visit, a star rating assessment and notification of award by the EnviroStars Program. For more information on eligibility and the certification process.

The application worksheet addresses the following functional areas of a business in order to assess qualification for certification at the three to five star rating levels:

  • Cleaning and Spill Prevention
  • Product and Waste Storage
  • Purchasing and Inventory Management
  • Employee Involvement
  • Operations
  • Marketing/Public Relations/Awareness
  • Tracking and Accountability Systems
  • Comprehensive Environmental Protection
  • Environment-Related Leadership

*There may be slight variations to standards or functional areas assessed based on current best management practices, available options, and best professional judgment in applying specified industry-specific requirements.