What is EnviroStars?

EnviroStars is a program that certifies companies based on their practices and policies that demonstrate commitment to protecting the environment by properly managing and reducing hazardous materials and waste. The program recognizes certified companies through various promotional activities. The public can more easily identify businesses that are working to be environmentally responsible by their EnviroStars Certified logo. Certified businesses must continue to meet qualification standards through an on-going renewal process.

How widespread is the EnviroStars program?

EnviroStars is available to businesses across Washington State, with certification programs in Jefferson, King, Kitsap, Pierce, Skagit, Spokane, and Whatcom counties.

How many companies are currently certified and who does the certification?

Currently, over 400 companies are certified in King County alone, with state-wide participation of more than 700 businesses. EnviroStars certification is provided by local government agencies.

What kinds of companies are eligible for certification?

Any business type that typically uses hazardous materials or produces hazardous waste in its operations is eligible for the program. EnviroStars businesses include auto body and repair shops, dentists, dry cleaners, landscapers, marinas, printing services, government facilities, medical & veterinary clinics and manufacturing companies.

How is a company's star rating decided?

EnviroStars staff evaluates a company based on its hazardous materials and waste storage and disposal practices, spill prevention, record-keeping systems, pollution prevention and best management practices which go beyond requirements. We also consider efforts to reduce the overall environmental impact or "footprint" of the business' operations. This assessment is based on a site inspection, an application/worksheet submitted by the company, and a check with regulatory agencies.

How many stars can a company receive?

Companies receive a rating from 2- to 5-Stars; the higher the rating, the more thoroughly environment-friendly practices are built into the company's policies and operations. To improve the star rating, a company has to become more proactive in reducing wastes and the use of hazardous materials. Five-stars demonstrate leadership on environmental issues beyond their own facilities - within their industry, organization and/or community.

How can I learn about other businesses in the area that are certified?

Visit the EnviroStars website at www.envirostars.org or call 206-263-8899 for an EnviroStars Green Business Directory. Thank you for supporting environmentally responsible businesses!