Step 2: Apply for Certification

Once you've determined that you meet eligibility requirements, the EnviroStars application worksheet will help you to identify and document what you are already doing to reduce waste and materials and protect the environment. It will also assist you to find new things you can do, to become an even more environmentally sustainable business.

To Apply

  • Complete application form below and mail, fax, or email to your EnviroStar representative.
  • Provide examples with support documentation, such as a copy of written procedures, a comparison of options, a checklist of tasks completed, an example page from maintenance log, an industry newsletter you've contributed to, or photos of a piece of equipment or an event.
  • Don't let the application be a barrier - get 'er done! EnviroStars representatives can help complete your form and answer related questions during the site visit, or call us for help.

Application Form

The application form specifies your EnviroStars qualification criteria. Find your industry category below, and fill out the associated form; for all other business types, complete the general application worksheet.

Businesses in Spokane County: click here for Spokane application form.

Note: Application worksheets are in a PDF format which require the free Acrobat Reader to read or print; or the form can be saved to your computer, completed electronically and submitted via email e business.

Step 3: On-Site Consultation >>